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Discounts & Offers

When you order 10 or more books* at one time, we will give you a discount (if you are ordering online, the discount will be evident towards the end of the ordering process). From time to time we also run special offers. Full details below:


Orders for 10 or more books* attract a discount, starting at 10% and rising in line with the number of books you purchase. The discount is valid for any combination of titles ordered at one time, not just for multiple copies of a single title. Please note, these discounts apply only when you order books at their full price and do not apply when you are ordering in response to a special offer. The discount structure is as follows:

10 Books10%
50 Books 12.5%
100 Books15%
200 Books20%
300 Books25%
400 Books30%
500 Books35%
600+ Books40%

If you wish to discuss discounts, please contact us.

* Discounts only apply to printed books, not to e-books.


Placing your order
If you have a promotional code, please enter www.pocketbook.co.uk/offer into your browser and then enter the code in the relevant dialogue box. 

Activities to captivate your audience!
Looking for activities that will inspire, inform and integrate your team? Look no further than the Blue, Green and Red Pocketfiles of Ready-to-use Activities - icebreakers, energizers, tests, quizzes and activities created by master trainer John Townsend. Each Pocketfile comprises a book and CD ROM. The book gives full instructions on how to implement the activities, details the objectives and gives guidance on how to draw out the key learning points. The CD ROM enables professional-looking participant instruction sheets, clue cards and maps to be printed out from either a PC or Apple Mac.

Each Pocketfile costs £49.99 (incl. VAT) plus carriage. But, if you buy two Pocketfiles we will deduct £10 from your bill and if you buy all three - Blue, Green and Red - we will deduct £20 from the total bill. Please note, no other discounts apply to this special offer. For further information, see John Townsend's personal overview of the three sets of activities.