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Psychometric Testing Pocketbook

Psychometric Testing Pocketbook

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List Price: £8.99
105 x 148 mm

Authors: Dorothy Spry, Barry Cripps
Psychometric testing helps employers to assess people, in a way which gives results that are objective, systematic, reliable and valid. The Psychometric Testing Pocketbook offers insight into how these tests can improve recruitment, selection, promotion and assist organisational development. The book takes a practical approach and is aimed at the non-specialist reader. It explains the process of test selection and demonstrates, with the aid of case studies, how some of the more popular tests can be applied to achieve workplace solutions. In better understanding the unique characteristics of its individuals, organisations are equipped to undertake a range of actions, including building effective teams, implementing change and identifying future leaders. This pocketbook not only benefits employers, but also provides employees with an understanding of what is involved in completing such tests and how the results can focus career counselling and development plans.

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A review in Assessment & Development Matters (Vol. 1 No. 2 Summer 2009) states: 'The book covers a lot of ground. It is particularly useful that case studies are used to illustrate how instruments might be used, as well as actual test items, as together this helps readers understand what a test is like in practice. All in all, a very useful book.'

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