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Drama for Learning Pocketbook

Drama for Learning  Pocketbook

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List Price: £8.99
105 x 148 mm

Authors: Brian Radcliffe
Drama-based activities encourage high levels of cognitive activity; they're fun, they get everyone involved, and they foster creativity across the curriculum. Maybe you recognise drama as a powerful tool for learning but don't see how it applies to your subject/classroom? Possibly you've experimented with drama and would like to build on this, or perhaps you're waiting in the wings unsure how to make your debut? Enter the Drama for Learning Pocketbook with its wardrobe of techniques: drama games; exploring narrative, character and dilemmas; 'stylisation'; analogies; props and 'teacher in role'. Each chapter describes several different drama activities with a worked example of each followed by ideas banks suggesting applications right across the curriculum. Whether you're a primary or secondary specialist why not give Drama for Learning an audition? It could become the star of your show!

Brian Radcliffe is also author of 40 Creative Ideas for using Drama in RE, a series of downloadable pdfs designed to engage pupils in the RE curriculum.

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