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Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

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List Price: £8.99
105 x 148 mm

Authors: Margaret Chapman
This is one of our most popular titles. Writing in this new edition, author Margaret Chapman says: 'I wrote the first version of this book in 2001. A decade on and the environment is tough, stress levels are increasing and the World Health Organisation cites depression as a major health problem in the western world; an increasing economic burden. Developing our self and interpersonal awareness, our emotional and social intelligence was critical in 2001; now it is essential.

Here is one reader's view of the book:

"Easy on the eye with humorous illustrations, this little book teaches us about ourselves and the huge role our emotions play. It is a great size for dipping in and out of, hitting the spot on every scenario. The book is broken down into clear sections, firstly identifying EI, then advising how to develop your own EI, complete with informative teachings on how to achieve this. Who would benefit from reading this book? A shorter list would be who wouldn’t, as it is for managers, team leaders and team players alike. Many of the scenarios can even be adapted to life outside the work place as it is all about developing your personality. Without giving too much away, this little book teaches you how to turn negatives into positives and how to get the best out of ourselves and others.  It can grow self-esteem and confidence in yourself and those around you."

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