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DVD: 50 e-Pocketbooks

DVD: 50 e-Pocketbooks

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List Price: £300.00

Authors: Various
Suitable for PCs and Apple Macs, this DVD contains 50 of our most popular pocketbooks in PDF file format. Simply insert the self-loading DVD in your disk drive and then select the topic you're looking for from the index. As you scroll through the books on screen you can enlarge or reduce the page size as required (the illustrations look brilliant!), search on keywords and phrases and print pages you wish to keep handy. Please note, the books can only be accessed from the DVD itself. The pocketbooks on the DVD comprise: Appraisals, Assertiveness, Coaching, Communicator's, Competencies, C.R.M., Cross-cultural Business, Customer Service, Decision-making, Delegation, Developing People, Emotional Intelligence, Facilitator's, Feedback, Handling Complaints, Icebreakers, Impact & Presence, Influencing, Interviewer's, Key Account Manager's, Leadership, Learner's, Management Models, Manager's, Managing Change, Marketing, Meetings, Memory, Mentoring, Motivation, Negotiator's, NLP, People Manager's, Performance Management, Positive Mental Attitude, Presentations, Project Management, Resolving Conflict, Sales Excellence, Starting in Management, Strategy, Stress, Talent Management, Teambuilding Activities, Teamworking, Time Management, Trainer's, Training Evaluation, Training Needs Analysis and Workplace Politics. Details about each of these pocketbooks can be found elsewhere on this website. Please note, price shown includes 20% VAT.

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