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About Us

We publish books on management skillsself-developmentcustomer care, and all aspects of business and management (see Titles: A-Z List). We also have a fast-growing list of pocketbooks for teachers, the award-winning Teachers' Pocketbooks Series.

You can use our Pocketbooks as self-development and learning aids or for training purposes. Written using accelerated learning techniques, the books are ideal for continuing professional development. There are around 100 different titles to choose from.

For details of our ebooks and how to upload our online materials to your staff intranet or LMS, please click here.

Popular subjects covered include: motivation, conflict resolutionmentoring, emotional intelligence, coaching, project management, leadership, NLP, time management, facilitation, managing change, teamworking, performance management and empowerment.

Our books are very different, and not just because they are pocket-size (more on this later). Imagine an overhead slide, the sort that trainers frequently use: keywords, bullet-point lists and lots of visual support. Our Pocketbooks are very similar. We strip away all the superfluous information, the padding, and present just the key facts. It cuts down on reading and saves valuable time.

The visual content (charts, diagrams and cartoons) helps with understanding and, along with the many acronyms, mnemonics and other 'triggers', aids memory retention and recall. See for yourself just how stimulating the approach is by viewing a short extract from any one of our titles (Book extracts).

Information that is easily accessible is central to our publishing philosophy. Each page has its own subject heading and each chapter has its own graphic identifier or thumb logo. In this way you can get to the specific bit of information you're looking for quickly and easily - ideal for a quick glance just before an important meeting, interview, presentation or telephone call.

Because they are so small, Pocketbooks have the advantage of being very portable. This encourages people to keep their copies close to hand and refer to them regularly - better, surely, than books sitting on a shelf and largely forgotten.

'The Management Pocketbook series is fantastic', stated a report in Business and Computer Bookseller. 'To coin a phrase - they're great!' reported Training Education Employment magazine.

We have two types of customer. There are those who buy copies for their own use and those - trainers, HR professionals, managers, team leaders and others - who buy multiple copies for distribution to team members, to those attending training workshops and seminars, and to all key members of staff. We give good discounts for this purpose (see Discounts).

We know from the high levels of repeat business and referrals that the Pocketbook format is popular. We are grateful to our many loyal customers, for their business, for their valuable feedback and for passing on the good words. We hope you too will soon become a Pocketbook convert. We feel confident that you'll be completely satisfied but, if not, we'll take our books back without hesitation (see Refund Guarantee).

Thank you for visiting us here at Management Pocketbooks and good luck with your quest for authoritative, accessible and affordable information on training, HRD, personal development and all aspects of business and management.