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Meet some of our authors:

John Townsend is the author of The Trainer's Pocketbook, the very first title we published and still selling in its thousands today! His lively and visual approach to training underpins the Pocketbooks publishing philosophy.  John's other pocketbooks cover: training evaluation, learning needs analysis, facilitation and managing difficult participants. His many right-brained trainer activities are captured in the Blue, Green and Red Pocketfiles.
John Townsend: the creative 'spark' that ignited the pocketbooks concept!

Dr Paul Donovan is Head of Programmes with the Irish Management Institute where he is responsible for a suite of training and development programmes for HRD professionals. Together with John Townsend he has written The Facilitator's Pocketbook and other titles in the same series on training evaluation and learning needs analysis.

Ian Fleming's first title in the Pocketbooks Series was on time management. He has since gone on to write pocketbooks on coaching, managing people, developing people and teamworking. His approach to training has been to work mainly in-company, helping managers and their teams tackle real issues and real situations.
Ian Fleming, author of numerous pocketbooks

Fiona Dent teachers, coaches, researches and consults in the areas of influencing, interpersonal skills, leadership, life-long learning and personal skills development. She is a Director of Ashridge Business School and has written several titles in the Pocketbooks Series, on leadership, self-development and working relationships.
Fiona Dent, author of pocketbooks on leadership, self-development and working relationships.

Professor Bob Garvey is leader of the Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University. He works with individuals and organisations helping them to understand and apply mentoring in the workplace. He has published extensively on the subject and is a co-author of The Mentoring Pocketbook, a best seller in the Management Pocketbooks Series.
Professor Bob Garvey, co-author of The Mentoring Pocketbook.

Mary Richards combines writing with her work as a therapist. She is the author of  The Stress Pocketbook, the second edition of which she wrote in the light of her interest in the links between the mind, the emotions, the body's structure and energy systems - and many more life experiences. Mary also wrote The Telephone Skills Pocketbook.
Mary Richards: looking far from stressed!

Roger Jones is a dynamic conference speaker, executive coach, seminar leader and bestselling author. He believes that everyone has extraordinary untapped potential which they can learn to access and, in so doing, be more of what they can be and make a greater contribution to their organisation. He has an MBA and is the inspiration behind  The Key Account Manager's Pocketbook and the author of The Storytelling Pocketbook.
Leadership expert Roger Jones.

Patrick Forsyth combines writing with his training and consultancy work. He specialises in the areas of sales, marketing, management and communication skills. He has written a total of five pocketbooks on working with your boss, meetings, negotiation skillssales excellence and starting in management. His books for us and for other publishers have been translated into more than 20 different languages.
Max Eggert is a management psychologist specialising in assisting individuals reach their maximum potential. He is an academic, lecturer and writer whose many books have been translated into 12 languages and in some cases adopted as recommended reading at top universities worldwide. In the pocketbooks series he has written on absence management, assertiveness, appraisals, motivation and resolving conflict.