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Free cartoons for training presentations

Illustrations are central to the accelerated learning process. That's why we use lots of cartoons and diagrams in our pocketbooks and that's why pictures are used extensively for management development training, train the trainer workshops, teambuilding events and presentations generally.

Select an illustration for your next staff development course or other learning event from our 'Cartoon Gallery'. The cartoons are FREE and can be saved to your computer disk, from where you can print them off or paste them into your training handouts. By clicking on any of the images you access the high resolution versions.

In return for our permission, all we ask is that you tell us your name and email address, and agree not to resell the cartoons or use them for commercial gain other than in your training and presentation material. To receive our monthly e-newsletter please check the first tick box (you can unsubscribe at any time).

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Click on any of the thumbnails below to access a high-res version for download. When the hi-res image loads, just right click to save it to your hard drive.

Man with teddy bear juggler
cupholder uphill
Angry hurdles
clickheels late
crossroads meeting
eureka telephones
handshake timer
head in sand
tin can