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US visitors' information

A warm welcome to our visitors from the USA, and thank you for your interest in our accelerated learning and development resources.

To browse our products, please use the navigation links on the orange menu bar. If you’re looking for a specific title, there is a BOOK SEARCH facility.

We sell our pocketbooks for $13.95 each, plus shipping. Orders for 10 books or more qualify for a bulk discount.

If you order here online, prices will be shown in British £s but payment will be taken from your credit card in $s. Our online shopping cart is securely encrypted.

If you prefer to order offline, you can download an order form and fax/email it to us (details on the form itself). Click 'HOW TO ORDER' on the black bar above and then select 'Offline ordering'. Alternatively, give us a call (+44 1962 735573) but do bear in mind the time difference.

You can also reach us via our US distribution center:

2427 Bond Street
University Park
IL 60466
Tel: 866 620 6944
Fax: 708 534 7803
Email: mp.orders@ware-pak.com

Whether you order via our US distribution center or our UK office, standard shipment will be charged at the same rates and should take no more than five working days. Express delivery is also available upon request.

In those instances when our books do not meet your needs, we operate a refund policy.

You can also purchase our pocketbooks on Amazon.com or via our US resellers Trainers Warehouse, Kagan Publishing and Team Builders Plus.

For information about our online library of pocketbooks (multi-user licenses), please email Adrian@ManagementPocketbooks.com.


Shipping to the US

Whether you are ordering from our US sales center or from our UK office, shipping times (approx. five working days) and rates remain the same. 

  No. Of Copies


1-9 copies

$5 + $1 per book

10 - 49 copies

$1 per book

50 - 99 copies

$0.75 per book

100 copies and over

$65 in total

Pocketfiles (with CD)

$4.00 per book

Bulk discounts

Discounts are valid for any combination of titles ordered at one time, not just for multiple copies of a single title.

  No. Of Books


10 Books


50 Books


100 Books


200 Books


300 Books


400 Books


500 Books


600+ Books