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  1. The Managing Recruitment Pocketbook

    Title: The Managing Recruitment Pocketbook

    Authors: Stewart Wright, John Sponton
    ISBN: 9781903776346
    Pages: 128
    Price: £8.99
  2. The Managing Your Appraisal Pocketbook

    Title: The Managing Your Appraisal Pocketbook

    Authors: Max Eggert
    ISBN: 9781870471381
    Pages: 112
    Price: £8.99
  3. The Psychometric Testing Pocketbook

    Title: The Psychometric Testing Pocketbook

    Authors: Dorothy Spry, Barry Cripps
    ISBN: 9781903776438
    Pages: 128
    Price: £8.99
  4. The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook

    Title: The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook

    Authors: Max A. Eggert, Wendy Falzon
    ISBN: 9781903776063
    Pages: 112
    Price: £8.99
  5. The Reward Pocketbook

    Title: The Reward Pocketbook

    Authors: Kathy Daniels
    ISBN: 9781903776452
    Pages: 112
    Price: £8.99
  6. The Self-managed Development Pocketbook

    Title: The Self-managed Development Pocketbook

    Authors: Fiona Dent
    ISBN: 9781870471664
    Pages: 112
    Price: £8.99
  7. Stress Pocketbook

    Title: Stress Pocketbook

    Authors: Mary Richards
    ISBN: 9781906610098
    Pages: 128
    Price: £8.99
  8. The Talent Management Pocketbook

    Title: The Talent Management Pocketbook

    Authors: Andy Cross
    ISBN: 9781903776476
    Pages: 112
    Price: £8.99