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About Us

Teachers' Pocketbooks are easy-to-access professional development books written for teachers and other education professionals working in primary and secondary schools and colleges. They're designed to put you in the picture - fast.

Suitable for mainstream and special needs staff, Teachers' Pocketbooks cover these broad areas: jobs/roles within a school; teaching & learning; social, emotional & behavioural issues; personal and professional development; wider school issuesspecial needs.

Pocketbooks focus on helping you develop your professional knowledge and skills. They cover the latest developments in teaching and learning, current thinking and how to implement good evidence-based practice. Our authors seek to educate and inform and they share their knowledge with passion and enthusiasm: you'll find Pocketbooks inspiring and motivating. The portable A6 format means you can easily keep them to hand for reference. Alternatively, if you prefer to read and learn on screen, e-Pocketbooks fit the bill.

If you're new to teaching and not sure where to start, some core titles to underpin your professional practice are: Assessment & Learning, Behaviour Management, Differentiation, Effective Classroom Communication and Outstanding Lessons. Whether you're a recent recruit or an old hand, you can develop your understanding of how students learn with books such as Growth Mindset, Learning & the Brain, Boys, Girls & Learning, and P4C. You can increase your repertoire of teaching techniques by dipping into Teaching Thinking, Collaborative Learning, Creative Teaching and Drama for Learning. And if you're looking to understand more about particular special needs, books such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia/DCD, Challenging Behaviours, Asperger Syndrome, Speech, Language and Communication will bring you up to speed. In all, there are some 40 books to choose from.

A teacher recently praised our books as 'time-friendly'. That's the aim - quick to read and fast to grasp: accessible text, diagrams, cartoons and bullets, but never at the expense of 'dumbing down'. It's not just teachers who like our approach: our customers include trainees, trainers, advisers, teaching assistants, inset providers, academics and consultants. They're from schools, colleges, academies, local authorities, universities and independent training bodies in the UK and overseas.

Recent customer feedback speaks volumes. A director of training in an Academy in the north of England told us: 'Absolutely outstanding resources; I adore them'. A customer at an education exhibition remarked: 'You start off thinking they might be low key but they're not', while a group of trainees said: 'We're doing the National Award for SEN and were told these books are absolutely invaluable'.

Yes, they’re little books but, as one reviewer remarked, they’re like Dr Who’s TARDIS. Speaking about the Challenging Behaviours Pocketbook, she noted 'page upon page of sensible solutions, advice, information and facts until you believe that it must be three times the size'. We think you could say this about all of our books; see what you think…