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About Us

Teachers' Pocketbooks are award-winning books written for teachers and other education professionals involved directly or indirectly in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Suitable for mainstream and special needs staff, Teachers' Pocketbooks cover these broad areas: jobs/roles within a school; teaching & learning; social, emotional & behavioural issues; personal and professional development; wider school issues; special needs.

If you're struggling with behaviour management, trying to sort out bullying, or looking to implement inclusion in your school or classroom, there's a Pocketbook to help you. If you'd like advice on how to be a better head of department, teaching assistant or form tutor, we cover these areas too. There are Teachers' Pocketbooks to bring you up to speed on dyslexia, ADHD, accelerated learning, learning to learn and creative teaching. NQTs tell us they find the Secondary Teacher's Pocketbook and the Primary Teacher's Pocketbook helpful and if you're looking to introduce coaching or pupil mentoring into school, there are books for you as well. You get the picture - it's an inclusive one.

Our mission is to nurture best practice and promote personal, professional and whole-school development. Pocketbook authors seek to share their expertise, to educate and inform, but also to inspire, motivate and support. That's why Teachers' Pocketbooks are full of practical, dynamic ideas - tips, tools and techniques for immediate use in real classrooms in real schools with real students. Their portable A6 format means you can easily keep them to hand for reference - they won't be collecting dust on a long-forgotten shelf.

We were delighted when one teacher praised our books as "time-friendly". That's the aim - quick to read and fast to grasp: punchy text, diagrams, cartoons and bullet points. And it's not just teachers who like our approach. Our customers include students, trainers, advisers, inset providers, and consultants. They're from schools, colleges, academies, LAs, universities and professional development centres.

Take a look at "What The Press Say" on the drop down menu to the right, to see what the TES and other media are saying about our books.

When it comes to CPD there's plenty of choice, but not much available at just £8.99. Maybe that's one of the reasons serving teachers voted us winners of an Education Resources Awards for books that offer good value and 'make a practical impact on learning and the day-to-day work of teachers in the classroom'.

Yes, they’re little books but, as one reviewer remarked, they’re like Dr Who’s TARDIS. Speaking about the Challenging Behaviours Pocketbook she noted “page upon page of sensible solutions, advice, information and facts until you believe that it must be three times the size”. We think you could say this about all of our books; see what you think…