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e-Pocketbooks are available on DVD and can be uploaded under licence to school VLEs for use by all staff - for details of both products scroll further down the page. Now Pocketbooks are also available to buy online in e-book format, as described below.

e-Books NOW available to buy online
All of our Teachers' Pocketbooks are now available to buy online in e-book format. e-Pocketbooks are priced at just £7.49 + VAT and can be purchased and downloaded to your computer with just a few clicks of  the mouse. To view our e-book titles and make your purchase, click here.

To pay for your e-books you need to have a PayPal account. Setting up an account takes a couple of minutes and can be done when you check out. You have to enter your payment card details, your address and allocate a password. And that's it!

After purchasing your e-books you will receive two emails, one from PayPal confirming your payment and another shortly afterwards giving instructions on how to access your e-Pocketbooks. Access involves clicking on the Download Link within the email and saving the e-book file to a convenient folder on your computer. To read the saved e-book you must use our free PDF reader called Javelin. A link to download Javelin will be found on your instructions email but can also be downloaded here. You only need to download Javelin once, however many e-books you purchase.

Whenever you choose to read one of your e-Pocketbooks, first Run Javelin and then use the reader’s File menu to Open the e-book file. When you do this with a new e-book for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the Authorisation Code. You simply Copy and Paste this Code from the instructions email and the e-book can then be read. Once authorised, the e-book can be opened at any time without the need for further authorisation.

Each e-book you buy can be read on up to three separate devices, so you can keep copies at work, at home and on your laptop for when you are on the move. Simply repeat the authorisation process described above, using the same Authorisation Code. You will also need to have a copy of the Javelin PDF reader on your other devices.

STOP PRESS: our ebooks can now also be read on iPads. Purchase the ebooks you require in the normal way (as described above) and on the instructions email you subsequently receive simply click the 'contact us' link where prompted to indicate you require iPad versions.

Please note, you cannot print pages from our e-Pocketbooks.

Click here to go to our e-Pocketbooks Catalogue.

Teachers' Top Twenty DVD
Twenty of the most popular Teachers’ Pocketbooks are available in colour on DVD. Teachers' Top Twenty costs £120.00 + VAT. You can order your copy online or via email (sales@teacherspocketbooks.co.uk) if you prefer. Alternatively, give us a call on +44 (0)1962 735573.

Titles on DVD*
Asperger Syndrome
Assessment & Learning
Behaviour Management
Challenging Behaviours
Coaching & Reflecting
Creative Teaching
Eating Disorders
Gifted & Talented
Learning & the Brain
Learning to Learn
Lesson Observation
Literacy Accross the Curriculum
Outstanding Lessons
Restorative Justice
Teaching Thinking

* To access the e-Pocketbooks, the disc must be inserted in your DVD/CD drive. It is not possible to copy or transfer the files to your own computer or to an intranet. If you want to share e-Pocketbooks among several users, read on:

Multi-user Licence
You can purchase a multi-user licence for all 40 Teachers’ Pocketbooks. A licensed school or organisation can upload the entire Teachers’ Pocketbooks series to their VLE or intranet, enabling all staff to tap into a wealth of user-friendly CPD at their own convenience and regardless of location. See here for more details and please contact Ros to discuss your requirements and for pricing. When emailing Ros it would be helpful to let her know how many people you wish to have access to the online library.