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Welcome To Teachers' Pocketbooks

Hello! Whether you're a new visitor or one of our regulars, welcome. We hope you'll find our site easy to use and that you'll enjoy browsing. To help you decide which Pocketbooks fit your bill, we've included free extracts from all of them, along with a selection of press reviews and reader reactions. The A-Z listing is a good place to start if you're looking to see what's available. Once you've decided, it's easy to place your order online. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

News and Offers

NEW - Independent Learning Pocketbook
We've just published the Independent Learning Pocketbook. By Peter Anstee, author of the Differentiation Pockebtook, it's full of practical advice and examples for encouraging and promoting moivated, resilient learners who show initiative and take responsibility for developing their own learning.

New edition - Managing Workload
Work-related stress among teachers is reportedly twice the national average for other professions except social work. That being so, the new edition of the Managing Workload Pocketbook is timely. Learn how changing your mental approach to workload and implementing a few key elements to manage stress can minimise psychological distress and its impact on health and wellbeing.

From inspirational trainer and author Caroline Bentley-Davies, the Rasising Achievement Pocketbook. Available for purchase from mid-July. Don't miss it!

DON'T MISS! Growth Mindset Pocketbook
The Growth Mindset Pocketbook by Barry Hymer and Mike Gershon continues to fly off the shelves. It comes with additional credentials - a foreword by mindset guru Professor Carol Dweck who says the book 'has the potential to have a lasting impact on the lives of teachers and learners alike', and an endorsement from Guy Claxton: 'The core ingredient of 21st century learning distilled into its essence.'

The Full Works
If you're looking to assemble a library of CPD resources and can't decide which Pocketbooks to choose and which to leave out, why not go for The Full Works? That's the whole series of Teachers' Pocketbooks - currently 39 books - for £289 including p&p.

NEW! e-books from Amazon, Apple and Kobo
Ten Teachers' Pocketbooks are now available in digital format from the Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBookstore and Kobo. They are: Assessment & Learning; Behaviour Management; Differentiation; Dyslexia; EAL; Literacy Across the Curriculum; Outstanding Lessons; Questioning Technique; Restorative Justice and Teaching Assistant's. Prices will vary.

What about the rest?

All Teachers' Pocketbooks can be bought and downloaded for your own personal use from www.teachersepocketbooks.co.uk. (NOTE the 'e' after teachers!). These e-Pocketbooks are priced at £7.49 + VAT and you will need a PayPal account to make payment. Full instructions on how to access your e-Pocketbooks are emailed to you, along with your PayPal payment confirmation, shortly after placing your order.

20 Teachers' Pocketbooks on DVD
The Teachers' Top Twenty DVD carries 20 Teachers' Pocketbooks in digital format. It's suitable for Macs and PCs and is a one-user-at-a-time resource in that you need the disc in your disc drive to be able to read the e-books. (If you want to upload digital Pocketbooks to a VLE, see below.)

Pocketbooks on your VLE
If you are interested in uploading the full Teachers' Pocketbooks library (currently 39 books) to your VLE as a fantastic CPD resource, our multi-user licence - available on an annual subscription - entitles you to do just that. It's proving popular with schools, colleges and training organisations. For further details, please telephone us or email Ros giving an indication of how many users you would like to have access to the digital library.

Greet them with a grin
There are now 20 humorous postcards in the Teachers' Pocketbooks range. (Guaranteed to raise a smile from all but the grumpiest teachers!). Click the 'postcards' button on the orange menu bar to the right to view them and place your order. Postcards are 60p each including VAT and p&p. (minimum order 10 cards).

Promotional code?
If you have a promotional code, enter www.teacherspocketbooks.co.uk/price into your browser and then enter the code in the relevant dialogue box.



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Management Pocketbooks

Teachers also buy these Management Pocketbooks.

Growth Mindset Pocketbook

Growth Mindset Pocketbook


Authors: Barry Hymer
ISBN: 9781906610609
Pages: 128
Price: £8.99


Create motivated learners who embrace challenge, learn from setbacks and know that they can 'grow' their intelligence

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Questioning Technique Pocketbook

Questioning Technique Pocketbook


Authors: Gorden Pope
ISBN: 9781906610500
Pages: 128
Price: £8.99


Frame questions, deliver them and respond to the answers in ways that maximise engagement and learning.

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