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'A source of inspiration'

What our customers are saying about Teachers' Pocketbooks:

'Absolutely outstanding resources. I adore them.' (Helen Russell, Director of     Training & Induction, Leeds West Academy)

 'Useful practical guidance in a handy compact form.' (Headteacher)

 'I highly recommend the Pocketbooks Series - quick to read yet packed full of    practical tips.' (Behaviour Consultant, Berks)

'Teachers' Pocketbooks are clear, concise and easy to apply to the classroom context.' (Cheshire Teacher)

'They bring together all the current ideas in learning in small handy packages!' (Snr Asst Head, Gwent)

'The books can be used to learn from, to remind yourself or to help others.' (Head of Maths)

'Excellent presentation - very clear and concise. User-friendly size and layout. Well written, clear explanations with use of humour in cartoon illustrations.' (Head of English).

'Very helpful and useful for own growth and training purposes.' (Headteacher)

'Very informative. Manageable chunks of information.' (Principal - grammar school)

'Useful and good prompt to best practice.' (Deputy Head)

'Fantastic - especially Behaviour Management. Small, handy, full of useful tips.' (Behaviour Consultant)

'Many thanks for the Pocketbooks - they are great!'(Assistant Headteacher, Carlisle)

'I have found the (many!) titles I have bought so useful, both as a teacher and a governor.'

'Superb. Perfect to 'dip into' and refer to. Amusing, factual, readable.'

'Really good value, practical, realistic, helpful, relevant.'

'Some very useful ideas for staff INSET.'

'Very useful, constructive advice, direct.'

'Straightforward, to the point, easy to use.'

'Good information in a pleasing and straightforward format.'

'Well produced books which can be easily accessed.'

'Very useful to dip into.'

'Generally very good practical advice. Used with range of staff: ITT, NQT and experienced staff.'

'A time-friendly approach.'