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'A source of inspiration'

A warm welcome to our visitors from North America. And thank you for your interest in Teachers' Pocketbooks.

The first thing we need to draw your attention to is the price of our pocketbooks. They are shown on our website in sterling. The US dollar rates are as follows:

Pocketbooks priced at £7.99 will be charged at $12.95

Pocketsquares* (priced at £9.99 will be charged at $18.95

Pocketfiles* priced at £39.99 will be charged at $74.95

 (* products from the Management Series)

If you order online via this website, the prices quoted in your shopping basket will be in sterling. Don't worry, we will make the conversion to the dollar rates quoted above and confirm these to you via email before despatch. At this time we will also confirm the cost of shipping and handling. You should allow 5-10 working days in which to receive your order (sooner by arrangement) and as a guide expect to pay:

10  books:  $45

20  books:  $55

50  books:  $70

100 books: $110

We give 10% discount for 10 books ordered. The discount increases with larger order volumes. Once again we will confirm this to you before despatch.

If you don't wish to order online, you can also email through your orders to sales@teacherspocketbooks.co.uk or send them via fax to +44 1962 733637. We have, in fact, now appointed a US distributor from whom you can order direct (in USD) at local shipping rates. However, currently you can only order products from our Managers' Series and not our Teachers' Series.

A brief note about payment: if you pay by credit card, payment has to be taken in sterling and converted to dollars by your card issuer. Consequently, the final price you pay may be slightly more or less than the quoted price, depending on your card issuer's practice and procedures. Alternatively, you can pay by dollar check or wire transfer.

If for any reason our pocketbooks do not meet your needs, you may return them to us (in a saleable condition) within 10 days for a full refund of your payment.