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Backwards and Forwards

Pocketblog comes out on Tuesdays, which means that this year, it coincides with both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Which means that there will be a short hiatus before the next edition.

But never fear – I shall be busy.  I will be preparing for next year’s exciting new project.  More about that later.  But first…

The Best of 2012

As before, here is a selection of my own favourite Pocketblogs from 2012.

Early in the year, we did two blogs about Emotional Intelligence: ‘There’s more to Emotional Intelligence than Daniel Goleman’ and then offered practical tips to ‘Boost your EQ’.

Emotional Intelligence

In this Jubilee year, we let you into The Management Secrets of Queen Elizabeth II.  Sadly, advance orders for the Modern Monarch’s Pocketbook have been disappointing (we just received our third, with the same address as the last) and we are holding back on publication until orders pick up.

The Modern Monarch's Pocketbook

Another big event for us was the launch of our Management Pocketblog 100 Day Challenge.  We know (from orders) that some of you took it up.  Please do tell us (on the blog page comments) about your experiences.  If you have not yet, it is not too late to take up the challenge.

The Management Pocketblog 100 Day Challenge

We were able to offer readers insightful business and management tips from to impeccable sources this year.  In ‘What matters today, in Business and Management?’ we extracted tips from Time Magazine’s 2012 100 Most Influential People in the World.  In ‘The Oracle of Omaha’, we took guidance from some of Warren Buffet’s top CEOs.

Our three-part series: ‘The New Manager’s Guide to Interviewing’ will be a helpful resource if you are new to this role.  It covered:

  1. Preparing the Ground
    Increase your chances of success well before the interview
  2. Getting it Right
    Hints and advice for conducting and effective interviews
  3. Polishing your Process
    Tips and tricks of the trade

And, for people on the receiving end, we wrote ‘Seven Ways to Interview Well’ just for you.  If you want to stick with your current job, but spice it up a little bit and renew your motivation, try ‘Same Job: New Job’.

Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Closest to my own heart were:

Our three-part series about dealing with poor performance in staff, ‘Let’s sort out poor performance’, parts:

          1. Infrastructure
          2. Turnaround
          3. The Alternative

These followed on from two blogs, ‘What is Performance Management?’, and ‘The Root of the Issue: Dealing with Poor Performance’.

Bruce Tuckman: Group Development model...  forming - storming - norming - performing - adjourningOur blogs about Bruce Tuckman’s model of Group Development (Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing) continue to be the most heavily read.  In February, we provided a link to all four of them.


And finally…  Pocketblog honoured two sad losses this year: Neil Armstrong, the astonishingly humble all-American/all-global hero; and Stephen Covey, who wrote one of the very best of the best personal effectiveness book: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Neil ArmstrongStephen Covey

Coming Next Year

Pocketblog is nearly 3 years old (we started on 23 February 2010) and has chalked up over 150 posts to date.  It’s time for a little refresh.  So 2013 will see a new style of Pocketblog.  Not a radical departure: more of a shift in emphasis.

Next year, we’ll be presenting our Management Pocket-Correspondence Course.  Over the course of the year, we’ll be blogging about the full range of management skills in a structured way.  Why not Subscribe to the Blog by email (towards the top of the column to the right of this) to receive them all in your inbox.

Until then…

From everyone at Management Pocketbooks…

Have a very merry Christmas,
and a happy and healthy New Year.

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The Management Pocketblog 100 Day Challenge

Thursday is Learning at Work Day

National Learning at Work Day, 2012To celebrate National Learning at Work Day, The Pocketblog and Management Pocketbooks have created an innovative learning challenge, which we believe can transform your management skills spectacularly.  Whether you are just starting in a new management role, or want to create a new start to the way you manage, we throw down to you the “Management Pocketbooks 100 Day Challenge”.

They say that a new manager has 100 days
to make her or his mark

I suspect that, in today’s pressured environment, the need to perform and produce has shortened that 100 days down – in some cases to 100 hours.

So, if you cannot hit the managerial tarmac at full sprint, you do at least have to be able to jog along at a comfortable pace, leaving you to master the details and subtleties of your new role in parallel with doing the job.

It is rather like trying to take apart and examine the inner workings of your car, while you are cruising along the nearside lane of a dual carriageway.  You’ll want to overtake soon – just as as soon as you understand how the accelerator works.


If you are determined to be a success, and do more than just cope, you’ll need some pretty fast learning.  100 days: 14 weeks (and two days).  The Management Pocketblog has the perfect solution…

The Management Pocketblog 100 Day Challenge

We think that Management Pocketbooks are the perfect pocket-size format to easily read and digest a book a week.  Each one takes around two hours to read carefully, and compresses a huge wealth of management information, insight, guidance and wisdom into bite-sized chunks.

But to make it work; to make your learning experience really powerful, you have to do more than read 13 books, you need to take the challenge.  After each book, you must:

  1. Reflect on your learning
  2. Commit to putting it into action

The reward is this: if you complete the challenge properly, we guarantee that you will have implemented 13 high value changes to your management or professional practice.

To help you, we have designed The Management Pocketblog 100 Day Challenge workbook, that you can download, for free, here.
Just click on the button below.

Download the 100 Day Challenge workbook

Beware: this challenge is for the serious people
who really want to make a difference.

Special Offer

We are offering you the full set of 13 books (of your choice) at a special price. Go to this page on our website and enter the code CHALL (case-sensitive) to claim the offer price.

Each book will now cost just £6.00, plus £6.00 in total for delivery.
At £84.00 total, you are getting over 15% discount on our normal price – which already includes our standard 10% discount –  of £99.48.

Please note that a small number of titles are currently out of print, and that this offer is limited to print copies.
Ebook editions are at the permanently discounted price of £6.96 (£5.80 plus VAT) and, of course, have no delivery costs.

Tell us how you get on…

We really hope that some of you will take the challenge.

If you do – or if you have other plans to boost your learning –
please tell us about what you are doing for Learning at Work Day,
using the comments below.

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