Looking for activities that will energize, engage and inform your team? Look no further than the Blue, Green and Red Trainer’s Pocketfiles of Ready-to-use Activities – icebreakers, energizers, tests, quizzes and activities created by master trainer John Townsend.

The Green and Red Pocketfiles comprise a book and CD. The book gives full instructions on how to implement the activities, details the objectives and gives guidance on how to draw out the key learning points. The CD enables professional-looking participant instruction sheets, clue cards and maps to be printed out from either a PC or Apple Mac.

The Blue Pocketfile is the first in the Series to be converted into EBOOK format. Available to download immediately from this website, it is packed with absorbing activities to bring your training events alive.  A click of the mouse will enable you to print out great looking handouts too. Red and Green EBOOKS coming soon!

Each Pocketfile costs £59.99 (incl. VAT). Shipping is extra for the Green and Red products.

For further information, see John Townsend’s personal overview of the three sets of activities

Great activities for trainers.