Absence Management Pocketbook (EBOOK only)

Max Eggert


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The Absence Management Pocketbook examines why people take time off and what caring, committed and professional managers can reasonably do about it. Sixty practical suggestions for reducing absenteeism are detailed, followed by a look at the legal aspects of employment and advice on how to introduce an absence control policy. The author also looks at the costs of absenteeism (monetary and psychological) and five ways of measuring absence. This is an updated edition of the previously entitled Controlling Absenteeism Pocketbook.

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Max Eggert


“A very practical book that provides a simple and pragmatic approach to assist managers in their understanding of how to manage absenteeism. A comprehensive insight into the causes of absenteeism and how to manage this complex issue.”
Bob Behnke, HR Business Partner, Marketing, Caltex Australia