Impact & Presence Pocketbook

Pam Jones & Janie van Hool


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The Impact & Presence Pocketbook explains the importance of impact and shows readers how to develop a congruent and personal presence, enhance their leadership skills, create an atmosphere in their teams that will motivate and enthuse, and how to manage difficult situations. Subjects covered in the new pocketbook include: self-awareness (with a questionnaire that will enable readers to review their own impact), visualisation, creating a brand image, posture, gesture, eye contact, emotional control, dress style, creating rapport, what to do in difficult circumstances and how to create impact in different situations (e.g. meetings, interviews, presentations and one-to-one sessions).

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Pam Jones & Janie van Hool

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paperback, ebook

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105 x 148 x 7 mm

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978 1 903776 18 6

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“This little gem tells you all you need to know about making a positive impact. The userfriendly format and excellent content make it essential for anyone in business.”
Maura O’Mahony, Management Development Manager, Allied Irish Bank (GB)

“Provides invaluable advice on how to develop yourself, great tips and hints on how to do it and useful exercises to get you started.”
James Moncrieff, Director, LMT Consulting

“A fun, pragmatic approach developed by experts in their fields. Applicable in areas of business and personal life.”
Monica Kinder, Assistant Manager, Management Development, Allied Irish Bank (GB)


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