Trainer’s Green Pocketfile of Ready-to-use Activities (paperback + CD)

John Townsend

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A 200,000 tonne supertanker must thread its way through narrow fjords to reach its final berth. There are several alternative routes, some more hazardous than others. Which team can steer the ship to safety?

This activity teaches the six essential steps of planning and demonstrates the need for co-operation, sharing and synergy in a team. It is one of the activities in the Trainer’s Green Pocketfile of Ready-to-use Activities which trainers, HR managers and team leaders can use for teambuilding and people skills development.

Complete with a CD ROM, from which to print out participant handouts (maps, clue cards, instruction sheets), the Trainer’s Green Pocketfile also includes icebreakers, energizers, universal exercise designs and activities for leadership/planning (Murphy), consensus-seeking (Road Names) and meeting simulation (Monday Meeting).

 There are only a few copies left and when they’re gone, this product will be discontinued. 

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John Townsend is the author of the Trainer’s Pocketbook, the very first title we published and still a best seller today! His lively approach to training underpins the Pocketbooks publishing philosophy. He has built a reputation as a leading trainer of trainers, founder of the highly-regarded Master Trainer Institute, a total learning facility located just outside Geneva which draws trainers and facilitators from around the world. John’s other Pocketbooks are: Creative Manager’s; Facilitator’s; Interviewer’s; Learning Needs Analysis; Manager’s; Managing Difficult Participants; Presentations; Training Evaluation and Transfer of Learning.


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