About the Books

About the Books

“I’m not a big reader but I enjoyed reading yours – very much to the point.”

Nowadays people don’t have the time nor, as the customer’s words above suggest, always the inclination to spend hours reading about ways to improve their workplace skills. They need to get to the essential facts, quickly, and they need to be able to apply their learning immediately.

Speed of learning and transfer of knowledge lie at the heart of our pocketbooks. They are written by skilled communicators, management and L&D professionals who know how to make their messages simple, accessible and of real practical value.

You’ve no doubt gone through a lengthy piece of text with a highlighter pen, picking out key words and phrases. It’s these highlights that make up a pocketbook – bite-size chunks of information, supported by plenty of visual aids and other triggers to accelerate understanding and maximise memory retention and recall.

Pocketbooks are available to buy in print and ebook formats. The digital versions can also be uploaded to your LMS or intranet under licence. Look out for details of special offers and bulk order discounts.