About the eBooks

About the eBooks


The first thing to make clear about the ebook versions of our Pocketbooks is that we no longer sell and deliver them directly to customers ourselves. Our ebooks can now only be purchased via independent online retailers with whom we as a company have no ties other than as a supplier.

Our ebooks are available to buy from many popular online outlets including Google, Scribd and eBooks.com. You are free to shop at your preferred ‘store’.

For your convenience, we have linked the ebooks on our website to those Pocketbooks found on the website of eBooks.com. You will see that for each Pocketbook listed on our website there is a red button with the wording CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (EXTERNAL SITE). This is the link that will take you through to eBooks.com and the Pocketbook you are considering buying.

But, as already stated, you are free to shop where you choose. If you usually buy your ebooks from either Apple iTunes or Amazon’s Kindle store then please be aware that your choice of Pocketbooks is limited to those listed in our FAQs below.

Be ready before you buy!

All of our Pocketbooks are sold in PDF file format with the addition of what’s called digital rights management (DRM). In other words, the ebooks are encrypted.

You can read our ebooks on just about any device – PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and eReaders – but because of the DRM you will first need to download the appropriate free reader software. Your preferred online retailer will have full details.

If you choose to buy via the eBooks.com website, then click through to their website and to the Pocketbook you plan to buy. On that page, below the book description, you will find the following guidance:

“To read this ebook on a mobile device (phone or tablet) you’ll need to install one of these free apps:

To download and read this eBook on a PC or Mac:

  • Adobe Digital Editions(This is a free app specially developed for ebooks. It’s not the same as Adobe Reader, which you probably already have on your computer.)”

Download the free app or software before you make your purchase and, if using Adobe Digital Editions, be sure to also create your Adobe ID as follows:

  1. Go to adobe.com and click SIGN IN (top right).
  2. Click ‘Get an Adobe ID’.
  3. Fill in the necessary fields and click SIGN UP.

One of the fields requires you to enter your email address. Ensure that this address and the one you use to purchase your ebooks are the same.

Having made the purchase you will be sent an email with the links from where you can download the ebooks and then save them to your device.

Technical support

If you encounter technical issues with your ebook purchase you will need to contact your chosen online retailer. We are not able to provide support for purchases made from third party outlets.

On the eBooks.com website there is a help section, FAQs and a ‘troubleshooter’ facility. Or you can create what they call a ‘ticket’. Other online retailers will, no doubt, have similar support tools.


Here are a few of our own FAQs which we hope will be of help:

What file format are your ebooks?
They are PDFs. This means that the ebooks match exactly the layout of our printed pocketbooks. We spend a lot of time and effort making our pocketbooks look attractive and we didn’t want to compromise this in any way.

Those Pocketbooks listed below are also available in fixed format ePUB (you can buy these ebooks from Apple’s iTunes store) and in Kindle format (KF8) which you can buy in Amazon’s Kindle store.

Can I read your ebooks on my Kindle?
Currently only those Pocketbooks listed above can be read on your Kindle. You will need to purchase these ebooks from Amazon.

I downloaded my new ebook before I installed the reader software and now can’t locate it.
It should be in your ‘Downloads’ folder

My computer/device won’t allow me to install the reader software.
If you are using a company-owned device you may need an administrator password in order to install any new software. Check with your I.T. department.

How many different devices can I read my ebooks on?
You can read your ebooks on up to three different devices – computer (desktop/laptop), tablet, smartphone or eReader. You will need to install the reader software on each device.

Can I place my ebooks on an intranet or network?
No, ebooks are for the purchaser’s own use on their personal devices.

However, there is the option to buy from us here at Management Pocketbooks what we call a multi-user licence. Such a purchase will enable you to upload your chosen Pocketbooks to your LMS or staff intranet and make the resources available across your organisation. Details here.

Can I share my ebooks with friends and colleagues?
You cannot forward copies of your ebooks to others (the DRM prevents this).

Can I read my ebooks using a normal PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader?
Because of the DRM this is not possible.

Can I print pages from my ebooks?
Limited printing is possible but you will need to check that the reader app or software supports this.

Can I return or exchange my ebooks?
This may not be possible. Please check with your chosen online retailer.

Please note, you can ‘try before you buy’ and check the book will suit your needs by viewing a short extract including a full contents description.  Click on any title and then ‘SEE EXTRACT’ or choose from this list of extracts.