Multi-user Licences

Multi-user Licences

All of our pocketbooks are available to upload to your LMS or intranet. We charge an annual licence fee according to the number of people who will have access to the online collection of pocketbooks, what we call our PocketLibrary.

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As a licensee you’ll be in good company – staff at Centrica, Alzheimers Research UK, EBRD, Standard Bank, the MoD and Southampton University are among those currently benefitting from the PocketLibrary.

You can choose to upload all or some of the PocketLibrary titles and opt for a one-year or multi-year contract. These are further factors determining the licence fee.

To give you an idea about how our pocketbooks look online, click this link.

Many of our online pocketbooks are in colour with clickable links for a more interactive reading experience. All of them are in printable, PDF file format.

To help you display and promote awareness of the online resources we will send you free of charge a range of support materials, including: book cover images, a spreadsheet of book descriptions, web banner adverts, copyright-free cartoons and a poster and flyer in Word which you can brand with your logo and run off on the office laser printer.

For selected pocketbooks your free support materials will also include multiple-choice reader questionnaires (‘Read the book, now test your knowledge’ ). These 10-question quizzes are quick to do and provide useful feedback.

For a quote or to find out more, call us on +44(0)1962 735573 or email telling us how many people you envisage having access to the eLibrary and we’ll get back to you with a price and more information. You can also download a brochure here:


Also take a look at our 2-minute video clip

If you require just a few ePocketbooks for your own use, see about the ebooks.