Reviews & testimonials

Reviews & testimonials

We are always delighted to hear what our customers have to say about Pocketbooks.  Below are just a few of the reader comments we have received, which demonstrate the wide variety of ways in which Pocketbooks are used.  Most Pocketbooks also have professional endorsements, which can be found on the book’s webpage.

We would welcome your opinion!  If you would like to make a comment about any of our books  please contact us.

“These books are little gems.  They pack in loads of information in an accessible and fun way”

“I no longer bother to create learning materials from scratch – I just grab my Management Pocketbook”

“They’re perfect – I just haven’t got the time for heavy reading. I can read these on the train, slip one into my bag …In fact, I can’t wait to get on the train to start reading one”

“I bought eight last year. They’re really excellent – quick, concise, give you everything you need on the subject” (customer buying another 12 titles)

“My wife told me I had got too many of these.  I said you can never have too many

“I use these ‘golden nuggets’ not only with my sales teams but also my mentees in the management team.  I find them invaluable – good, up to the minute information in an easy to digest format and amount”

“I am so impressed by the Management Pocketbooks series.  As someone new to the subject of management, I find them very well-structured, concise and very dependable

“I’ve got a new team and your books are just perfect for bringing them up to speed”

“Pocketbooks are a great series, there’s no waffle; it’s just straight to the point.  I love the illustrations throughout the book and you can tell that it has been written by an experienced person.  I fully recommend the book and if you are a trainer, take a look at the other books in this series – they are worth a read”   (Training Evaluation Pocketbook)

“I love the format of your little books and their practicality for both training and learning”

“Pocketbooks manage to squeeze huge amounts of information and helpful concepts and techniques into a digestible format, usually focused on a particular issue or need.  This one meets those criteria perfectly” (Handling Resistance Pocketbook)

“I find Pocketbooks very useful for prompting my thoughts…”

“I now have a great many of the Management Pocketbooks and have not been disappointed in any of them.  They all pack a great deal of information into a small book and are written in a clear and concise way.  I mainly use them as a basis for the training I do and I know other trainers who actually issue them to their delegates as workbooks.  I highly recommend the whole range”  (Managing Change Pocketbook)

“I’m a consultant and your books help me immensely to put together presentations, arrange seminars and facilitate meetings”

“Having used Pocketbooks since they first came out in the 80s, I am used to the high standard and quality of these really useful books – and this one keeps up that standard… It is clearly well-researched with the user in mind”  (Feedback Pocketbook)

“Pocketbooks helped me pass my CIPD!

“It wouldn’t be ACE if I didn’t buy a Pocketbook” (customer at CIPD ACE)

“I really like your Feedback Pocketbook!  A lot of information is brought to the reader in an easy way.  Compliments!”  (Feedback Pocketbook)

Intensely practical, easy to read.  Useful when designing training events

“This book really is a GREAT introduction to NLP and, because it’s small with only 120 odd pages, it gets straight to the point.  No waste, white-wash or waffle!  Easy to read, clearly and attractively laid out and full of positive tips to motivate you to improve your business or your life in general.  It has many eye-catching pictures to illustrate points and a few humorous examples to develop ideas” (NLP Pocketbook)

“Your series is a godsend – a good start-up kit

“Whenever I’m moving in a new direction I start with your books for an overview”

“I found it most interesting and educative…I think it is a masterpiece” (Resolving Conflict Pocketbook)

“I’m now addicted to them – they’re just so handy for dipping into

Easy on the eye with humorous illustrations, this little book teaches us about ourselves and the huge role our emotions play. It is a great size for dipping in and out of, hitting the spot on every scenario. The book is broken down into clear sections, firstly identifying EI, then advising how to develop your own EI, complete with informative teachings on how to achieve this. Who would benefit from reading this book? A shorter list would be who wouldn’t, as it is for managers, team leaders and team players alike. Many of the scenarios can even be adapted to life outside the work place as it is all about developing your personality. Without giving too much away, this little book teaches you how to turn negatives into positives and how to get the best out of ourselves and others.  It can grow self-esteem and confidence in yourself and those around you.” (Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook)

” [Management Pocketbooks]… my favourite people in the world – these books are lifesavers