Pocket Correspondence Course

The Pocket Correspondence Course ran as a series of 72 blogs over 18 months (January 2013 – June 2014). It was designed to build up an extended course in management covering many of the basic topics a new manager will want a grounding in.

You can dip into it to read the subjects that interest you, or you can follow the course, right from the start. If you do that, you may want a course notebook, for the exercises and any notes you want to make.

The Six Sections

  1. Personal Effectiveness*
  2. Communication Skills*
  3. Basic People Management
  4. Applied People Management Skills
  5. Organisational Management: Core Business
  6. Organisational Management: Business Assets

* We have collated the blogs from the Personal Effectiveness and Communication Skills sections, along with a few other blogs, into an ebook, Quick Tips for Managers: Personal Skills.

Personal Effectiveness

Communication Skills

Basic People Management

Applied People Management Skills

Organisational Management: Core Business

Organisational Management: Business Assets