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Peter English


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Some books on the topic of confidence offer a ‘quick-fix’ approach which could be summarised as ‘believe in yourself’.  This Pocketbook is different; it suggests that you need to arrive at a position of justified self-belief. In other words get good at something then believe in yourself.

It contains tips and techniques to help you grow in confidence, grasp life’s challenges and fulfil your ambitions. Confidence matters because a lack of it can stop you going after what you really want in life. The focus of this book is on acquiring real confidence, that is substantial and justifiable. Discover how to take on more challenging tasks through graded exposure, managing your mindset and tapping into your sub-personalities.

The author Peter English set up his own training company almost two decades ago and over the years has found that a lack of confidence is an issue for many course participants. The advice and tips in this Pocketbook are based partly on working with those people, hearing their stories and finding ways to help them, as well as on research he has undertaken and his own experience of having once been a shy person. The Confidence Pocketbook sets out a range of confidence-building strategies and then pulls these together into an action plan. There is advice too on how to boost your confidence at short notice when faced with specific challenges (e.g. tackling a difficult conversation or making an important presentation.)

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Peter English

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“This is an excellent pocket-sized resource, packed with tips and advice for developing confidence. The scenarios and examples are a great way to bring the theory to life.”
Diane Morgan, Assistant Director of HR – Education and Development, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

“Peter English has the great skill of taking complex research findings and making them clear and applicable. He respects his readers, and at the same time helps them to have the best chance they can of applying what he is teaching. This book is about building confidence and Peter is the perfect guide, taking the reader on a well-reasoned, step by step path to mastery.”
David Megginson, Emeritus Professor of Human Resource Development, Sheffield Hallam University


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