Managing Difficult Participants Pocketbook (ebook only)

John Townsend


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A collection of 24 portraits of ‘difficult’ participants encountered on training courses and at meetings.

Meet the Trapper, the Griper, the Silent Cynic, the Whisperer and their many friends. Learn how to cope with them using such techniques as ‘blockbusting’, ‘psychological judo’, ‘reframing’, ‘self-revelation’ and ‘confrontation’.

Cartoons of the characters add to the humorous approach and there are four mini case studies.


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John Townsend

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paperback, ebook

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978 1 906610 29 6

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“All the challengers I have met with are in here – and so are articulate, well-practised and pragmatic replies.”
Peter Thomas, Manager, UKBS Career Development and Training

“I loved the book. It shows such a great variety of ways to deal with challengers that everyone will find approaches which will fit their style.”
Dr. Martin Gillo, Director, Human Resources, Europe, Advanced Micro Devices


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