Teambuilding Activities Pocketbook

Paul Tizzard


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Building teams that are united, motivated and productive is the aim of this collection of practical, easy-to-use activities. They are for use by managers at team meetings and briefings, and for trainers running teambuilding workshops. The lively and persuasive activities are the work of Paul Tizzard who has already established his credentials as a creative developer of training materials with the publication of The Icebreakers Pocketbook and The Openers & Closers Pocketbook, both popular titles in the Management Pocketbook Series. The activities in The Teambuilding Activities Pocketbook are grouped according to their suitability for different stages of team development. From new teams to established teams there is a range of applicable activities to choose from. There are those too that address specific team issues. To help readers identify which activities they need to draw on, there is a questionnaire that will identify at what stage their own team has reached. Also dealt with in the book are facilitation, presentation and coaching skills. Reviewing the book in ‘Training Journal’ shortly after its publication, Matt Somers wrote: ‘I would recommend that anyone who interacts with teams buys a copy and keeps it handy.’

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Paul Tizzard

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“A fantastic little book filled with fun, innovative and practical activities that engage teams at whatever stage of their development. Simply a ‘must have’ for anyone involved with or dealing with teams.”
Claire Paul, Learning & Development Consultant, City & Guilds

“This practical collection of creative activities is a must for managers, consultants and trainers who want quick and easy exercises that will get results. One to have within easy reach, as you’ll use it regularly!”
Vicky Harris, Learning & Development Consultant, Virgin Atlantic Airways


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