Engagement Pocketbook (EBOOK only)

Douglas Miller


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Fully engaged and motivated people perform better, enjoy greater job satisfaction, are more loyal and bring the manager and team leader the outcomes they have targeted.

Doug Miller, author of the Engagement Pocketbook, has distilled decades of theory on the topic of engagement to produce the SPARC model designed to help managers on a day-to-day basis get the best out of their people. HR professionals, coaches, mentors and trainers will also find the model insightful.

SPARC comprises five elements:

  • Self-determination (degree of individual autonomy)
  • Purpose (role clarity)
  • Authenticity (scope for self-expression)
  • Reward (spiritual, emotional & financial gain)
  • Challenge (need for learning & development)

For each element five management interventions are described, bringing the model to life and underscoring the pocketbook’s practical approach.


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Douglas Miller



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May 2016


ebook, Paperback


“This pocketbook is bursting with sparkling insights, tips and techniques that can have an immediate impact on you and your workplace. Douglas Miller has gathered together a treasure trove of practical ideas that will equip managers with the tools to engage and energise their people.”

Dr Christian J. van Nieuwerburgh, Associate Professor, Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour, Henley Business School


“Describes in simple terms the key principles all managers should have in mind to gain additional team and individual performance without sophisticated incentive mechanisms or PhDs in cognitive behaviour. The author’s ideas are useful pragmatic reminders of what management is all about: doing everything we can to ensure our employees remain energised by what we ask them to do, and ultimately developing them and our businesses.”

Pierre Lebleu, Head of Human Resources, International IDEA.


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