Mentoring Pocketbook

Geof Alred & Bob Garvey


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The Mentoring Pocketbook – now in its fourth edition – shows how to design and manage a mentoring scheme, how to prepare to be a mentor, how to conduct mentoring sessions, how to maintain the relationship through the different stages and how to evaluate mentoring.


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Geof Alred & Bob Garvey

Publication Date

April 2019



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148 x 105mm

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“The Mentoring Pocketbook is my well-used and trusted text that I recommend to all new mentors and mentees. It is a versatile, pragmatic and educative book for anyone looking to engage with mentoring informally or through an organised programme. The content is both helpful for the participants and managers but also HR/L&D/OD professionals, to explore best practice content in designing and developing internal mentoring. To me, reading this pocketbook is a pre-requisite for anyone becoming involved in mentoring!”

Lis Merrick, Managing Director, Coach Mentoring Ltd

“Mentoring is probably the most powerful developmental process people can experience. And when it works, it develops two for the price of one. The Mentoring Pocketbook is a no-nonsense primer for the first-time mentor or mentee.”

Prof. David Clutterbuck, Co-founder, The European Mentoring and Coaching Council


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