Nurturing Innovation Pocketbook (ebook only)

Douglas Miller


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Innovation is the life-blood of all enterprises, public and private. Their competitiveness depends upon it. Those that succeed recognise that all of their people are inherently creative and, by proper management, can both release and manage that creativity for the ultimate benefit of all stakeholders.

The Nurturing Innovation Pocketbook explains how managers can create an environment in which innovation thrives. It identifies the numerous barriers to innovation -organisational and self-imposed by individuals- and describes how through positive intervention these blocks can be cast aside.

All innovation comes with a degree of risk. To manage the process successfully, the manager must determine the required level of innovation (four are described in the book, from incremental to transformational) and assess the associated risk. The manager must also be supportive of his team, acting as advisor, coach, promoter, sounding-board, resource provider and defender when ideas don’t work out.

Nurture not stifle is author Doug Miller’s message!

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Douglas Miller

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“Current economic conditions are challenging everyone in business to think and act differently and to move on from ‘steady state’ thinking. These unprecedented conditions offer the perfect environment in which innovation can flourish and Douglas’ book provides a rich source of ideas on how to nurture – and benefit from – that innovation.”
Jonathan Bond, Director of HR & Learning, Pinsent Masons LLP


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