Problem Behaviour Pocketbook (ebook only)

Angelena Boden


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You will buy The Problem Behaviour Pocketbook whether you like it or not! The bully is one of a number of bad behavioural types found in the workplace. There are those that play the martyr (‘I suppose I’ll have to do it’), those that only see things their way (described by the author as ‘Narcissists’), saboteurs who do nothing (the so-called ‘passive-aggressive’ types), persistent fault-finders, clams and chatterers, moaners, whiners, whingers and numerous others. The author lists them all, identifies the likely causes and effects and explains how to identify and deal with the problems. Described by one book reviewer as a ’20 minute eye opener’.

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Angelena Boden

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“Good management is not about getting your own way so much as getting the best out of your team. So, understanding what makes everyone tick – and recognising the signs when things start to go wrong – is vital. This little handbook is full of practical hints and early warning signs to help everyone on the team spot problems sooner rather than later.”
Paul Field, Managing Director, UK Research Partnership Ltd


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