Self-Managed Development Pocketbook (ebook only)

Fiona Dent


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The pocketbook gives an overview of the increasingly important process of self-managed development (SMD) in which individuals take responsibility for, and control of, their own development.

The book looks at the reasons why SMD is growing in popularity and how it fits into the other organisational processes.

Attention is then turned to the individual’s role: raising self-awareness (using techniques such as skills audits, performance reviews and SWOT), reviewing self-perceptions (to increase awareness of new possibilities) and, finally, action planning (setting objectives and measuring commitment and motivation).

Apart from being of value to individuals seeking to develop new skills and capabilities, the Self-managed Development Pocketbook will also give HR professionals a clear understanding of SMD and how it fits within their strategic plans.


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Fiona Dent

Publication Date

June 2016



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105 x 148

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‘Self-managed development is a vital skill for modern workers. This Pocketbook helps individuals take responsibility for their own growth and development, requiring them to be self-aware and honest about what they want in their lives and careers.’

Alex Davda, Client Director, Hult International Business School


‘Concise, practical and highly accessible. Especially relevant in today’s workplace, this book helps individuals at all levels take control of their own future.’

Hannah Priest, Solutions Director, Mind Gym


‘Short & punchy – packed with clear guidance on self-development. With this by your side, action is the next step.’

Mary Holmes, Director, Development Solutions



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