Memory Pocketbook (ebook only)

Vicki Culpin


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Introducing the…um…er…oh yes, The Memory Pocketbook!  Memory is fundamental to our very existence but how much do you know about it and how much effort , if any, do you put into improving your memory?  In a business context you professional development and well-being depend upon it.  Episodic and semantic memory both have a role within a business context as this book explains.

The book looks at the structure of memory, distinguishing between sensory memory and short- and long-term memory. It describes the causes of poor memory (tiredness, cognitive overload and poor concentration) and the key principles for improving it (attention, effort, motivation and meaning).

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Vicki Culpin

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“An elephant-like memory is no longer the preserve of the genius thanks to this book, which has over 14 years of expertise crammed into your back pocket. Use these tools to unlock your potential and retrieve what’s on the tip of your tongue.”
Lesley Richardson, Reporter, Press Association.


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