Starting in Management Pocketbook (ebook only)

Patrick Forsyth


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There is only one opportunity to make a good a start and this Pocketbook will help new managers do just that. Central to The Starting in Management Pocketbook are team skills – creating staff loyalty and commitment, building working relationships that are constructive and creative, and forging teams that are successful. The author begins by defining management, identifying the skills required and highlighting the different styles of management. The importance of reconnaissance and preparation prior to taking up the post is then dealt with before spotlighting the key issues facing managers on day one in the new job.

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Patrick Forsyth

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978 1 903776 83 4

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“An excellent introduction for the new manager. Even as an experienced manager I gained useful insights and reminders from this book.”
Pippa Bourne, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Centre for Management Development

“A wardrobe-sized subject brilliantly condensed into a pocket-sized book. Straightforward, sound advice – much of it simple common sense once you are made aware of it. There’s no need to attend expensive training courses; this book covers the subject perfectly.”
Peter O’Riley, Learning & Development Manager, Ernst & Young


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