Team Coaching Pocketbook

Erik de Haan


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Many if not most teams in the modern workplace fall well short of harnessing their collective capability, maintains Erik de Haan, resulting in loss of performance and poor results.

For the author of the Team Coaching Pocketbook and director of the Ashridge Centre for Coaching, this is a depressing thought yet he’s quick to point out that poor performance is readily managed if team members are minded to reflect intelligently on how they operate and have the skills to do so.

“This is where team coaching can be beneficial”, says de Haan. “It helps teams think through what they are doing and why, how they can integrate individual skill sets and how they can innovate.”

Written by an expert in his field, this is a practical, insightful guide to team coaching which will benefit both coaching specialists and team leaders.


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Erik de Haan



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105 x 148mm

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January 2017


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“A complete overview for team coaches. I find it very practical, clear and it covers all relevant subjects for coaches that take their profession seriously!”
– Prof Dr Yvonne Burger, Director Vrije Universiteit Center for Executive Coaching</strong><em>

“A neat reminder of the key elements that need to be addressed when coaching a team on its internal process providing clear and simple guidelines for the team coach. The emphasis on developing the team rather individual members is important in clarifying what team coaching is about. Erik rightly places a lot of emphasis on Reflection – learning from past successes and mistakes, as the team’s most important capability. He also addresses how the team coach can use their own awareness to foster a productive team Climate of trust and loyalty. An easily accessible and well laid-out little book.”
– John Leary-Joyce, President Academy of Executive Coaching

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in coaching teams, whether they are a Leader, HR professional or Coach. Erik provides a concise, straightforward and practical guide to the topic of developing teams by helping them to reflect on how they work together. The book describes many of the challenges that teams encounter in working together and outlines interventions that help to overcome them.”
– Dr Andrew Day, Metalogue Consulting Ltd and Faculty Member for the Ashridge Masters in Team Coaching

“Does a great job of both demystifying the art and craft of team coaching and also resourcing the reader with an armoury of skills and ideas for practice, be that as a team leader or an external coach. De Haan’s generosity in sharing his examples of both triumphs and disasters makes the book accessible and engaging.”
– Prof Charlotte Sills, Ashridge Business School and Metanoia Institute

“Do not be fooled by its small size. This pocket book is jam packed full of helpful ideas and interventions for busy leaders of teams as well as those who support teams. It distils considerable wisdom and knowledge for the novice as well as the seasoned team coach.”
– Associate Professor Liz Wiggins, Ashridge Business School

“A comprehensive, practical handbook on the basics of team coaching.”
– Professor Rob van Eijbergen, Centre for Executive Coaching, Free University in Amsterdam


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