Telephone Skills Pocketbook (ebook only)

Mary Richards


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The Telephone Skills Pocketbook covers every aspect of using the telephone to improve business performance. It highlights the importance of good communications skills, the need to build rapport, favourite bad habits and how to avoid them, how to take control of a call, how to keep customers happy, and more. There are separate chapters on receiving and making calls. The former includes 10 easy ways to give your caller a bad experience and 10 easy ways to give your caller a good experience. The latter explains how to get through to people and get the information you need, as well as how to complain and negotiate on the ‘phone. In conclusion, the author sets out the rules for becoming a telephone ‘super-user’ and for fulfilling the super-user’s oath: ‘I will be in charge and make the ‘phone work for me; I will seek out time-eaters and destroy them; I will use super-user control techniques at all times’.

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Mary Richards

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“Excellent! Master these essential techniques, take control of all your phone calls and get more out of each day.”
Mike Richards, Sales and Marketing Director, Liquid Drop Ltd

“A powerful message for anyone who needs to project a professional and dynamic image over the telephone. I certainly want to be a super-user.”
Samantha Reynolds, Helpdesk Supervisor, Canon Helpdesk, Canon (UK) Ltd


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