Influencing Pocketbook (ebook only)

Richard Storey


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Influencing skills are at the heart of all successful communication. The Influencing Pocketbook examines influencing styles, how to establish rapport, dealing with different personalities, handling resistance and, crucially, getting a decision.

The new 2nd edition of this pocketbook lists five easy steps to influence, eight influencing styles, ten good reasons to build rapport and four different personality types with influencing techniques for each.

In an American Management Association survey, in answer to the question ‘What is the number one need for success in business today?’, the most popular answer was ‘To persuade others of my value and the value of my ideas’.

Author Richard Storey has written widely on the subject of persuasive communication, including books for Gower and Random House.

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Richard Storey

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“Influence is the unseen lubricant in the engine of business; a management skill more vital than understanding finance and equally important for a business’s balance sheet. Richard Storey is an expert in this field. His comprehensive coverage provides managers with the most complete quick reference guide available today.”
Ed Lee, Training and Development Manager, BT Consulting & Systems Integration

“Provides extremely comprehensive guidance on a subject which many managers have difficulty with. It is well laid out so that it can be used as an introduction to influencing and for quick reference purposes prior to that difficult meeting.”
Steve Ravenhill, Director of Human Resources, SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd


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