Thinker’s Pocketbook (ebook only)

Angelena Boden


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We have over 50,000 thoughts a day. We accept, question, challenge or discard them. Some tumble around in confusion, become exaggerated and irrational, causing anxiety and mental paralysis. Thinking is healthy but it needs to be managed and channelled constructively. The Thinker’s Pocketbook examines the many different ways of thinking: positive, dissatisfied, creative, lateral, logical, bottom-line, over-thinking and non-thinking, intuitive and magical thinking. There are exercises and examples – all designed to help you improve your mental flexibility.

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Angelena Boden

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“Clarifies why some thinking processes are more effective than others and explains how  the use of different thinking skills can help ensure efficient decision-making.”
Marion Nixon, Tourism Manager, Derby City Council

“Gives you that immediate, unexpected nudge to see things differently – to allow your brain to take off in a direction that can prove invaluable in seeing a ‘problem’ from a different angle, thereby coming closer to resolving it.”
Geoff Pine, Principal, Woolwich College


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