Transformative Change Pocketbook (ebook only)

Nimalan Nadesalingam


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The necessity to deal with change has never been greater. Organisational survival depends upon it. Yet, far more than half of all change projects fail, with expensive consequences.

The Transformative Change Pocketbook equips managers and leaders with the essentials to deliver organisational change and transformation, either working independently or through aligning a team of individual experts to work productively together.

The book is structured around a model, ‘the 7 C’s of Change’, that examines in detail the steps to be taken in each of the key stages of a change journey. Clarifying and Co-ordinating the change programme come first, followed by building Capability, gaining Commitment and creating Change Champions. Communicating the change and Cementing it (making it stick) complete the journey.

Teams working on a change project may find they have to address the stages in the order of their own priority and there are self-diagnostic tools to help in assessing this priority and evaluating progress against each of the ‘7 C’s’.

“An easy-to-read, easy-to-grasp introduction to change management for the non-expert and non-consultant. Following the framework allows even those who have never encountered this before to achieve success in transforming their organizations. I could envision myself using the book not just as a tool for a future, organizational change, but the book is small, brief and inexpensive enough to buy multiple copies – one for each of the core team, and even beyond.” Taken from a review in The HR Agenda Magazine

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Nimalan Nadesalingam

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“Delivers a concise but thorough overview of change management concepts supported by an extremely effective methodology and supporting tools. As such, it is essential reading for anyone who wants not just to talk about change but actually deliver it.”
Dirk Friebel, Principal, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

“Change is a fact of life; it is the only constant thing. The approach Nimalan describes in this book is easy to grasp and practical to implement. It has been written to equip any leader with the essentials to deliver real change and transformation into their organizations. For executives who consider themselves committed to the process of organizational change, this book offers very practical solutions.”
Dr. Jomah Hamid, Assistant GM – Transformation HR, The Saudi Investment Bank


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