Working Relationships Pocketbook (ebook only)

Fiona Elsa Dent


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As the director of the Creating Working Relationships Programme at Ashridge, one of Europe’s top 20 business schools, Fiona Dent knows how important it is for individuals to work together effectively.

In this pocketbook (she has also written our popular titles on leadership and on self-managed development) she describes how to create, develop and sustain constructive working relationships. ‘Whatever your level in the organisation, profession, role or nationality’, she says, ‘much of your success will depend on how you interact with those around you.’

The book describes how to create, build and sustain relationships. It identifies the key features that make a relationship work (eg openness and honesty, empathy, respect and trust) and those that don’t (eg jealousy, arrogance, conflict of interest and misunderstanding). The focus is on helping readers recognise their own approaches to relationships at work, thereby enabling them to identify and understand the differences in other people’s approaches and modify their own behaviour accordingly. This modification, combined with good interpersonal and communication skills, lies at the heart of relationship-building.

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Fiona Elsa Dent

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“The world of work has rightly turned its attention to relationships. The healthy tension between the relationship with oneself and with others, both personally and professionally, is at the hub of a fulfilling life. When these relationships are fruitful, there is dynamic movement and progress. When there is difficulty, the resulting dilemmas can provide the route map for the changes needed. This book provides a valuable outworking of some of these principles and I commend it to you.”
– Philippa Morrison, Faculty and Senior Staff Development Advisor, London Business School


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