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Moore’s Law: Faster – Better – Cheaper Computing

Moore's Law

Moore's LawFaster, better, cheaper. Isn’t that the goal of every manufacturing process? It sounds hubristic to even try but, thanks to Moore’s Law, that’s what the semi-conductor industry has achieved year after year – for nearly 60 years.

And it’s Moore’s law that predicted that trend towards smaller, faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient computing.

Indeed, chip manufacturer Intel calculates that, if the automobile industry had performed as well as Moore’s Law, we’d now be driving cars that:

  • Cost us around $0.04 (£0.04 or €0.04)
  • Get almost 2 million miles per gallon (700,000 km/litre)
  • Can travel at nearly 300,000 mph (500,000 km/h).

But there are clouds on the horizon. Inevitably, for physical reasons, Moore’s law must reach an end. But strangely, this makes it a good time to look at it.

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