Meetings Pocketbook (ebook only)

Patrick Forsyth


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The Meetings Pocketbook reveals all the do’s and don’t’s needed to make meetings successful.

Updated and now in its 3rd edition, the popular pocketbook covers advance preparation, chairing, controlling discussions, effective participation and use of minutes. Essential reading for both organisers and participants.

‘Don’t arrange or attend another meeting without reading it’, recommended one reader. A ‘straightforward reminder of the rules’, said another.

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Patrick Forsyth



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105 x 148mm

Publication Date

April 2017


ebook, Paperback

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“A wealth of succinct and sensible advice. Don’t arrange or attend another meeting without reading it!”

Gill Smillie, Chief Executive, Conference Venues Countrywide (and a founder member of the Meetings Industry Association).

“A complete guide showing how to make meetings more effective, as a chairperson or participant. It may be common sense but we can all benefit from this straightforward reminder of the rules.”

Pippa Bourne, Head of Non-accredited Programmes, Institute of Management.


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