Vocal Skills Pocketbook (ebook only)

Richard Payne


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The Vocal Skills Pocketbook explains how to devleop a confident, authoritative and vital voice in a range of speaking situations. It will enable individuals to analyse their speaking voices and establish what aspects they wish to improve. The advice and information are relevant not just to public speaking events but also to numerous other situations such as interviews, meetings and speaking on the telephone. The pocketbook is aimed at end-users and at trainers who deliver courses on general communications and/or presentation skills. Breathing control, projection, use of emphasis, speech rate, vocal care and maintenance, vowel formation, fluency, pauses, clarity, dialect, inflection, releasing the voice and numerous other topics are covered in the book. It’s author, Richard Payne, is a voice coach and management trainer. ‘A good introduction for anyone who wants common sense advice about how to use their voice effectively’, says one of the reviewers on Amazon. ‘The book does what it says in the blurb and does not blind you with science.’

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Richard Payne

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“Everything’s here: preserving your voice; when and how to use a microphone; projection; varying pace and pitch … essential reading.”
The Times Educational Supplement


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