Mindfulness at Work Pocketbook (ebook only)

Margaret Chapman-Clarke


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Mindfulness is our capacity to focus, to really pay attention and use our brain’s resources wisely. Using an 8-step model, the Mindfulness at Work Pocketbook will allow HR and OD practitioners, coaches and team leaders to experience it for themselves and see how they can develop and implement mindfulness-based interventions within their organisations.

Building a mindfulness culture in the workplace brings significant benefits both to the individual (greater job satisfaction, less stress, improved performance) and the organisation (lower absenteeism, higher productivity, reduced costs).  The 8-step model spans an eight-week period with exercises for each stage. It begins by raising awareness of how the mind works and continues by building mindfulness skills and sharpening awareness of thought processes, especially how these can trigger stress.
Integrating mindfulness into everyday life is dealt with in the final stages. The many exercises afford plenty of opportunities for much-needed practice.

The book is accompanied by five online audio practices to help you develop your mindfulness.


Make the most of your Mindfulness at Work Pocketbook by listening to these exercises, recorded by the author, as you progress through the book:

  1. Mindful Transition (Week 1.  Page 32)


2. The Bodyscan  (Week 2. Page 42)


3. The 3 Minute Breathing Space – part 1 (Week 3. Page 49)


4. The 3 Minute Breathing Space – part 2


5. Mindfulness of Sounds (Week 5. Page 73)



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Margaret Chapman-Clarke

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paperback, ebook

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November 2015



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105 x 148mm

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“This informative Pocketbook is packed full of wisdom and knowledge about mindfulness with easy-to-follow practical steps and exercises. It is a real gem that can enlighten your work and entire life!”

Dr Ho Law, Director, Empsy Ltd


“Engaging, inspiring, informative and highly practical, this is a timely must-read for anyone considering developing a mindful workplace. And for those with no plans to do so – but be warned, you will be converted and lives will be transformed!  My wish is for every workplace to have a well-thumbed copy of this book and to follow Margaret’s simple yet powerful guidance – what a happy, productive, compassionate, ethical world we would live and work in.”

Liz Hall, mindfulness teacher, editor of Coaching at Work and Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation, and author of Mindful Coaching


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