Time Management Pocketbook

Mike Clayton


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“We cannot manage time. All we can do is learn how to use the time that we have, as well as we can”, says Dr Mike Clayton, author of the all-new Time Management Pocketbook.

Illustrated throughout, the book begins by explaining how to plan your time, how to balance the advantages of feeling in control against the necessity of remaining flexible, and how to adapt to changes.

It then deals with ways of working that will make you more productive and looks at strategies for tackling one of the biggest problems you face: the challenge of ‘too much’.

A summary of the eight most popular time management systems in use comprises the penultimate section of the book. The author does admit, though:

“I’m no fan of systems. Instead, I prefer broad principles, and a well-stocked box of tools to apply to different situations. To me, a system is a principle applied rigidly. And at some point, it won’t apply. That’s why I filled this Pocketbook with ideas to try; not just a single system.”

The book concludes by looking at how organisations can treat time as a strategic asset, systematically making better use of it for the greatest possible return.

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Mike Clayton


audiobook, paperback, ebook

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October 2017



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105 x 148mm

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“A handy pocketbook guide packed with hints, tips and techniques that will help anyone who has ever struggled with ‘getting it all done’. A pick n’ mix of tools and ideas presented in Mike’s engaging, easy-read style, this is one to have ready to hand in your desk, kitchen or workshop drawer.”

Graeme Rees, Director, Trend Control Systems Ltd


“In business and life, time is precious – this wonderful book will make sure you make the most of it.”

Paul Griffiths, Head of Operations, Mary Rose Trust


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