Training Evaluation Pocketbook (ebook only)

Paul Donovan & John Townsend


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The 2nd edition of the Training Evaluation Pocketbook explains – succinctly, visually and with abundant informative examples – how to measure training results. In order to ‘demystify’ the process of evaluating training events, the pocketbook identifies nine possible outcomes to measure: reaction to training, satisfaction with the way training was organised, knowledge acquisition, skills improvement, attitude shift, behaviour change, organisational results, return on investment and psychological capital. The book’s authors are Paul Donovan and John Townsend who have also jointly written three other titles in the Pocketbook Series, namely: Facilitator’s, Training Needs Analysis and Transfer of Learning.

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Paul Donovan & John Townsend

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“The Training Evaluation Pocketbook helps to answer the question we are often afraid to ask: what was the final result of the training? Training should change the participants and through them, the organisation. This book gives practical, step-by-step guidance on how to evaluate training outcome from direct participant feedback to bottom-line organisational results.”
Jonna Wiersma, Head Nutrition & Health Academy, Unilever Health Institute

“Insightful, well-researched and most practical, this pocketbook is a treasure for all training professionals. It contains all the tools you’ll need to measure and show how  training contributes to your organisation.”
Jérôme Monnier, Country Training Coordinator, Cargill International SA


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