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How resilient are you?

Resilience Pocketbook

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It’s a fact of life that we all face difficult circumstances at times; illness, job problems, family worries, financial difficulties, relationship troubles or the death of loved ones.  Some people cope with such difficulties better than others – what makes the difference is their level of resilience.

Resilience is your readiness to meet the world in a resourceful state and your ability to bounce back from adversity.  Both your happiness in your home life and your prosperity at work are largely influenced by how resilient you are.

Instead of managing well in testing times, we may feel overwhelmed and have unhealthy coping mechanisms, like drinking or eating too much or simply doing nothing.  If you are not resilient you risk burning yourself out through stress, sickness and conflict.

Building your resilience enables you to better handle the inevitable daily challenges of work and life.  With resilience, however tough things get, you can respond and adapt in a positive way.  You can keep going, recover and even grow from the experience.

The great news is that resilience is a quality which can be increased and developed …

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