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Try before you buy

Try before you buy

If  you’re not sure which titles will suit your needs, you can always dip in before you take the plunge!

You can view a short extract from any Management Pocketbook by clicking ‘SEE EXTRACT’ (under each title’s front cover picture) or by clicking its heading on the BOOK EXTRACTS list.

Each extract includes the book’s Contents page, so you can check that the coverage is right for you.  You can also read About the author.

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Customer comments

We love hearing what you think about our books.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received recently…


‘I really like your series because the books in it look tremendously approachable and yet have some good, serious content.’

‘I’d recommend them to anyone – I think they’re great!’

‘Your books are the best I’ve come across.’

‘I like the small bite-size chunks and the visual interest.’

‘They’re not intimidating.’

‘These books are lifesavers!’

‘They’re perfect – I just haven’t got the time for heavy reading.’

‘It just gets on with it – I like the approach.’

‘Your books have got me out of a fix on more than one occasion.’

‘Packed with informative content – no waffle’

‘The great thing about your books is they act as reminders – key points at a glance.’

‘I’m a big fan – they’re so easy to read.’

‘Perfect in a time-pressured environment.’


See more comments


If you’d like to give your feedback please contact us

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L&D resources for your LMS

All of our pocketbooks are available to upload to your LMS or intranet. We charge an annual licence fee according to a) the number of people who will have access to the online collection of pocketbooks, what we call our PocketLibrary, and b) the number of pocketbooks you choose to include in your eLibrary.

Many of our online pocketbooks are in colour with clickable links for a more interactive reading experience. All of them are in printable, PDF file format.

To help you display and promote awareness of the online resources we will send you free of charge a range of support materials. For selected pocketbooks we will also include multiple-choice reader questionnaires (‘Read the book, now test your knowledge’). can give you more information and prices. Simply let him know how many people you would like to have access to the online library.

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How resilient are you?

Resilience Pocketbook

Find out by taking the questionnaire in Resilience Pocketbook – new out February 2017.

It’s a fact of life that we all face difficult circumstances at times; illness, job problems, family worries, financial difficulties, relationship troubles or the death of loved ones.  Some people cope with such difficulties better than others – what makes the difference is their level of resilience.

Resilience is your readiness to meet the world in a resourceful state and your ability to bounce back from adversity.  Both your happiness in your home life and your prosperity at work are largely influenced by how resilient you are.

Instead of managing well in testing times, we may feel overwhelmed and have unhealthy coping mechanisms, like drinking or eating too much or simply doing nothing.  If you are not resilient you risk burning yourself out through stress, sickness and conflict.

Building your resilience enables you to better handle the inevitable daily challenges of work and life.  With resilience, however tough things get, you can respond and adapt in a positive way.  You can keep going, recover and even grow from the experience.

The great news is that resilience is a quality which can be increased and developed …

Find out how, with Resilience Pocketbook – see endorsements and view a free 12-page extract



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